Since child hood being a born in a family neither eating onion ,garlic  eggs or non vegetarian food due to our ancestors doing same aswell considering it taamsik or to increase anger or violence in us by my family conditioning,  eating omelet and half boiled egg was an adventure for me at 4 usually at hill station holiday, it was an essential while being pregnant and it was a trick to loose weight faster when ever I joined a Dietician. Since I got initiated by Swamiji in March 2019  as my own commitment I have stopped eating egg in each form accept Cake.( Hippo  crate u may say too). I myself raised my kids telling them how not as good was Non veg in our culture ,family and for our body till both tasted the forbidden ( chicken nuggets) with their class mates till daughter was 16 and son was 6! Their birth wise Brahmin dad ,uncle and aunt were always non veg eaters on our restaurant outings though.My kids followed my advice so much which they repent now. On her student exchange program my daughter lost 8 kg weight in 25 days aswell son on an out of country vacation got his weist belt extremely loose due to their being vegetarian. From last 6 years except me each in my house eats non veg and no lecture, logic or my example explains why they should not. Today being Tuesday I had no argument to give that why should we not eat egg cake on Tuesday. Are all days not Hanumanji s ?or Sai baba’s? or are only Navratris when Maa will get angry on eating non vegetarian? Does anyone have an answer to this…if yes please guide me on why my kids should not eat egg based cake on Tuesdays???