Nose is a most defining facial feature of a person! From lalita MA s beautiful nose as a little blooming flower bud which has shining pearl nose stud in it to Ganesh ji having a long elephant nose ….the nose has been an important part of teaching our little ones Morale stories of not to lie or there nose will grow like Pinnochio and reveal their lies to world! As soon as a baby is born and enthusiastic relatives visit the new born they start comparing his little Cadbury eclairs shaped nose to his Mama ,chacha or Great grand mother! The hindi idioms as Naak katwana( putting reputation at stake) , Naak mei dumm karna( to trouble someone a lot) ,Naak sikkorna( disliking sime one) to Naak kaa baal hona( being very close) to some one …its the ..Nose ,Nose and Nose.
There are people with Hawk shaped or parrots beak shaped nose ( Totaaa naak) or the ones with Fissal patti naak( so long that kids can slide on it) ,Then there are the Pakkora naak ones( shape like potato cutlet which has gone big due to overuse of baking powder) and the Chaptee ( flat) shaped ones compared to oriental origin people! There are the Greek nose and Roman nose owners whom Divine made a symitrical nose with a perffect measurement from scale! There are fleashy nosed ones with big nostrils to Squeezed button nose owners! So many times matrimonial matches of arranged marriages are rejected and selected on basis of OM puri nose or Soha Ali khans Pataudi nose ….a Rose is a rose with what ever name u call…Shakes pear ..A nose is a nose….always Cheer!

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