Doing Something For Others

A Simple Way To Be Happy


We are always in the rush to be happy. We try to be happy in many ways—through pleasures, entertainment, substance use or activity. But, still, we lack a solid sense of happiness. Ever wondered why? It’s because we are always thinking about ourselves! We are self-obsessed, self-occupied. And studies show, the more we are concerned about our own happiness alone, the more miserable we would feel. The more we chase happiness, more elusive it seems. This is called the Paradox of Happiness.

But, quite interestingly, when we do things for others, that gives us a substantial sense of happiness. You might have even felt this when you helped someone or did something for somebody. We all intuitively know that helping others generates a great sense of satisfaction in us. But, our kindness and compassion are generally calculated, not spontaneous. Anyway, the point is, if you make your life about others (while not forgetting about your true nature), make it an offering unto humanity, happiness will be a constant companion. So have I felt. 

We can do so many things in so many ways—through speech, writing, physical presence, moral support, genuine guidance, selfless acts of kindness and so on. It’s just a question of willingness. The more your life is about ‘you’, the more isolated your life is. 

I have recently started to coach a bunch of college students for competitive exams. Absolutely free of charge. This is something that I wanted to do for a long time. And honestly speaking, I don’t need the money, but the very fact that I am somehow being able to contribute to their growth is what gives me the fuel to burn. And, that’s why today I am writing about this. Actually, I was high the whole day of my first class. I felt a sense of satisfaction inside. I think that’s the light of happiness—satisfaction! Or call it contentment. Without contentment, I don’t think there can be true happiness. What do you think? 

If you can, in whatever way possible, do something for someone, for as many people as possible. And I say it with absolute conviction, happiness will reside in your heart permanently.

Thank you.
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