Is there anything

in this whole world

that we can say 

is ours?


Even the body we dress up

with utmost precision

will turn to useless ashes

one day


The intellect

the knowledge

the wisdom we carry around

with so much pride

will sulk into just one reality

one Truth of oblivion


The jewels and lands 

Our dearest possessions

will turn into 

petty subject of fights

among our loved ones


The loved ones

we think are the ones

we live for

we breathe we wake up for

They after a tear or two

will move on with their lives

without further ado


Then why do we 

hold on to?

Why and what do we

cling on to?

Why do we grip it so hard

when eventually all

all from big to small

will be snatched away

mercilessly by pitiless hands

of the mighty Death


Why do we harbour hate

in our hearts

all the anger and jealousy 

rots us tears us destroys us 

a bit by bit apart


Why do we expect

to be loved

to be valued

to be respected

by the other puny ones 

just like us


Who are we?

A speck of dust in this vast universe?

One hundred million universes

Lord destroys in blink of an eye!


We want to be needed

We want to matter

in the lives of others

When in the big scheme

of the big Life

nothing matters

no one does


Is it not just a big play 

of Almighty? 

We his little pawns

suffering crawling around

searching for a wood or ground

in an endless shoreless

ocean of misery.


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