Almost a year back, my maternal grandfather left his body. He died fearlessly, with a smile on his face after chanting Sri Rudram. A few years before, my paternal grandfather had died smiling while chanting Devi’s name as well. They both remind me of an ancient proverb that says, “Even death is not to be feared by the one who has lived wisely!”

While my maternal grandfather reached a beautiful place, my grandmother couldn’t cope with her husband’s death. After his demise, she became pale and listless. I felt sorry for her but didn’t know how to help. With a heavy heart, I sat down at my altar in meditation. By Divine grace, an idea flashed in my mind.

In his book, The Ancient Science of Mantras, Swami mentioned that a mantra given by a female practitioner is potent. I’ve been chanting mantras for eons. Some of them had even led to profound visions and experiences of the Divine Mother. With that confidence and belief in the Divine Mother, I gave a Devi mantra to my grandmother.

My grandmother chanted that mantra with devotion for a few months. A month or so back, I had a strange feeling that she was calling out for help. I couldn’t understand why I was sensing her cry. A couple of days later, my mother sent me a message that my grandmother was seriously ill. Due to that, the poor thing couldn’t eat anything at all.

Yet again, I did the only thing I knew to do when I saw someone in pain. I ran to my altar and prayed for my grandmother. Then, as always, I left everything in Devi’s hand and went about with my business.

Strangely, within a few days of my grandmother’s illness, my wisdom teeth got decayed. It happened so suddenly that I was left confused. As a habit, I routinely monitor my teeth. Till then, there wasn’t anything wrong with it. Even my dentist couldn’t understand how my teeth decayed so rapidly. Anyway, I didn’t think much about it. I went through oral surgery and recovery, which prevented me from eating anything for about two weeks.

Around the time I started eating, my grandmother passed away. Precisely thirteen days after her demise, when I wasn’t remotely thinking about her, she appeared in my dream. In addition to saying goodbye, it felt like she was trying to convey something to me. Even though it was only my grandmother, the whole thing felt so real and eerie. 

Once again, I sat at my altar to pray for her soul to rest in peace. In deep meditation, I heard the Divine Mother’s voice. She said, “You remember the mantra you gave her? By giving her that mantra, you took on your grandmother’s suffering for two weeks. That saved her a couple of years of suffering. In the future, be cautious about the mantras you give out.”

I was startled, and my meditation stopped abruptly with that. I couldn’t digest what had happened! Due to the power of the mantra, I had heard my grandmother’s painful call. Devi had transferred my grandmother’s Karma to me to liberate her. It was a surreal experience, both fantastic and freaky at the same time!

My beloved Swami once said (paraphrased), “If you elevate yourself spiritually, you’ll learn to be in harmony with Nature. When you help others grow spiritually, you work with Nature. Then, Nature supports you by bestowing special powers on you.”

Throughout my life, I’ve strived for the spiritual growth of myself and others. I have had no qualms in giving anyone (including myself) the carrot or stick for that purpose. I don’t deter from that for my selfish gains, even if it means becoming a villain. Truthfully, I even shared my life stories because Swami encouraged me to write them.

For that selfless attitude, Nature brought Swami into my life when I desperately required him. Now, without my knowledge, Nature has been conferring one Siddhi after the other upon me. My thoughts materialize, and everything I need arrives magically to me.

From my life story, I can say one thing with assurance. Our life’s purpose is spiritual transformation. If that weren’t the case, Nature wouldn’t reward me or anyone else for pursuing it. Therefore, I sincerely urge you to transform yourself and inspire others. Give and care selflessly, and then sit back and enjoy your life turn into a miracle!


Image: Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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