I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri Om Swamiji🙏🕉

Today co-incidentally also happens to be my Late Mother’s Birthday, wish you a very happy Birthday Mom🙏🌺

It was a Chosen Day year 2017….

A morning appointment  at my Vet the other day , for my two Persian Zen cat babies Gaia n Zeus, was a rushing time, feeding them early to setting their crates and making them relax inside it with their fav fish food and little toys, almost an hour before was always important so that they feel comfortable on their way, which was an hours drive and Pune city’s traffic can be tiresome.  Even though it was tedious for me but  was far more of a toll for these peaceful Zen souls, who are so used to early morning meditation music and hawan. You can imagine their looks once they saw their carrier.

Chit chatting with them, soothing their breaths with the chilled aircon in the car, with all kind of cat conversations to ease them from their shocking look at the outside traffic  honking and bumps on the roads, we finally reached at the Clinic. The  empty chairs were welcoming us, since they were kept outside the clinic for the pet owners to relax  with their furry ones, if the waiting time took longer time.

As luck would have it the  Vet was late, and mine was the very first appointment for the furrys, so seated both my cats carriers on  the chairs  at the pavement side. It was hot and was a bit worrisome for me as both of them being extremely bushy were intolerant to heat.

While I was trying to figure out a shady space for them I saw a lady stepping out of the cab with her Pug dog cuddled securely and cozily in her arms.  I smiled at her but it seemed she was lost in her thoughts. What worried me was, how will she hold her dog who was heavy built in that heat . She saw my concerned look, but without a smile with heavy footsteps headed towards the clinic door and laid him delicately on the pavement. That bothered me a bit, as there was no sheet under the dog ( probably she was not aware too that the vet would be so late).

I kept watch on my Zen cats for they were feeling the heat,  but learnt it from their mother ( that’s me:) to be patient)  In my hearts I was feeling for the Pug dog lying on the pavement and the gloominess on the lady’s face, who now had tears in her eyes, it felt something had numbed her. In a few mins I saw some flies on the face of her pet dog. I fanned the flies from his face and politely asked the lady, what the matter was. She uttered sadly, petting her furry baby with a lost look “he is to be Euthanised today”. I was taken aback, and consoled her to calm down and if possible to just offer prayers.

It’s hard, when their is no end to the poor animal suffering and more so for the owner of the pet who does not want to give up on his pet. There is whole lot of our personal world our pets are part of, imagine both the pet and owner going through the big  trauma.

The Vet finally arrived. She apologised for getting late, and asked me to get Zeus and Gaia ( my kitties)  inside the clinic , but I chose to let the lady with her dog be attended first.

“ Are you sure?” “It would take half an hour or so to attend to him”,  the doctor stated. Also she was aware, I was very particular as both my cats Gaia and Zeus would get uneasy at the clinic after sometime, watching those big dogs and other cats.

“ Don’t worry  my kitties can wait!”   “Attending to him ( the Pug baby)  at this hour is important”, I added. For truly I did not want the lady and her cute Pug to keep waiting and suffering more, owing to the whole given scenario.

Dr. Aditi ( the vet) was a very warm and loving person, pets did feel at ease in her company.  She very sweetly put both my furrys inside another room, switched on the air conditioner for them and asked me to wait there. But after putting Zeus and Gaia inside I sought permission from Dr Aditi to be with the lady during the process of the pug dog being euthanised.

“ Are you sure, you want to be present, because not many can face this, it’s heartbreaking and sinks one into deep stress?”

“I would be fine,  I am here for a purpose I think , I want to be praying for his peaceful transition and strength for his owner and we can collectively do that!” Dr. Aditi understood my deep heartfelt expression. There was this sudden surge I experienced ( though I am deeply saddened and moved with injuries and deaths ) within me, as if being guided to be there with the furry pet.

Dr. Aditi consented to my soft request. Her assistant laid a white sheet on the table, the furry baby was made comfortable and petted. A complete sense of quietness had engulfed the entire room. A serenity prayer in the eyes of Doctor, with a dose of the drug in a syringe to inject into his vein, the bleak thumping of the owner’s heart caressing her pet, as I held her shoulders softly,  comforting that she was helping her pet release him of  all his sufferings and pain. The drug was administered slowly and we could witness the gentle soul slipping into death much like falling asleep a respite from his long painful ailment , as he suffered no movement for almost a year.
Though his eyes were wide open and Dr. Aditi softly  shut it with her palms. After few more seconds checking his heartbeats that were now still… each one was gazing at the little furry, prayers in the form of silent tears were  evident on every face. The lady owner was wailing , apologising to her fur baby, for putting him off to sleep, imagine a child nurtured day night by her for almost a year of his ailing with no movement,  where couple of times earlier too she was asked by the Vet , the family members to put him down, but she did not give up….and eventually she had no choice but wanted him to be pain free. What a day it was….

I walked out of the clinic  after my furries checkup , the emotions still full of the Pug baby and suddenly I felt a sweet whiff of breeze surrounding my very being as I was moving towards my car. I felt a sense of peace at that point, as I sat in my car fathoming the whole experience, of being with a stranger who felt like my own, a furry baby I felt like I knew for long . How was I destined and chosen to fix an appointment for my Zeus and Gaia on this day? moreover being able to participate  and make his owner ease down with her emotions which would lighten her  and  in the pretext  she would calmly pet and let go of her Pug baby by  making  him feel loved and reassured by our collective presence of prayers , till the last minute of his breath.

I felt I lived a lifetime in that moment so precious,  for living Divine moments just happen once in a while…Maybe the departed Soul wanted me to stand by his side…. so sweet of him , he had that energy.

One can’t battle with death, a death of a sweet soul, a dear one, but it also conveys that the soul in the body looks forward  to a new transition , taking with it all the good deeds, thoughts of love and compassion and above all a simple prayer as a treasure esp. during his last breath.

Kindness and compassion walked as sheer God presence, where a sweet little Pug furry baby, before he departed taught all of us in that room to brave the  tidal waves of emotions, to come together , embrace and uplift each other in moments of not just joy but  distress too , even if it’s for a stranger and give comfort with a simple pure heartfelt emotion . Everything happened with the frequency of his sweet unconditional love. Today as I write this I still feel his presence  his wide eyes smiling and blessing me. Thank you my Pug baby🙏🕉🌺

Euthanasia  says “I’m called unfair when I am carried out to put down a human or animal suffering, to sleep!”

Life says, “I crave for respect many times till the time I live and suffer end number of times which is as good as being eutanized”.

Death says, “ can you both strike a generous prayer to mankind!”

Both (Euthanasia and Life) to each other, “ we must stay awake, and kindle in all a desire to care and stand for each other  with love and respect, till the last breath”. “May every home be filled with joy!”

The Pug baby, “ don’t let your heart hold any tears, I am happy to receive your love and prayers, I am pain free and watched over by the Angels of heaven”, thank you🐾


Divine Grace Be on all of you my friends🙏

Jai Sri Hari🕉🙏

Siddhika Umesh