Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

Kahlil Gibran


I was watching an ad from bru, a band of coffee which was stating that on average, we meet 80000 people in our lifetime, and seldom do we remember names of nearly 800, which is almost 10%, and trust me, I can’t remember 1 percent.

If someone asks you whom do you remember, what it depends on

Their looks

Their clothes

Their face

Their looks

Their cars,

Their home


The way they treated you

The way made you feel

The way they talked to you

The warmth you got in their presence

The love and care you received from them.

The majority of you would opt for the second set of options, and yes, it is the nature and heart of an individual that touches you the most. It is the love and cares of the individual who gives us the comfort that we need.

In this life, we judge people with the type of shoes, clothes, and cars they drive and forget the people who are diamonds at heart.

It is not about eating in the most expensive hotels in the world, but the love and care we get served in a small roadside dhabas. The coffee can be the world’s best in a five-star hotel, but the smile and care from a struggling person is much more satisfying.

That is why there is a RAK on supporting a small business in Black Lotus.  

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