Hello readers recently, I saw a one unique gadget on amazon which can be very useful to you in emergency. The name of the product is “Foldable Solar Panel” With usb cable waterproof camping travel compatible for android smartphones. 

 Features :-

  1. Fast & Efficient Charging: Polycrystalline cells provide this solar panel charger with enough power to charge 2 devices at the same time! Smart charging technology recognizes the input needed for a connected device and distributes current output accordingly, cutting down on total charging time.                 
  2. Wide Compatibility: Use this solar phone battery charger with any USB powered device with 5V DC input voltage. Compatible with iPhone Android Smartphones,and other electronic devices, including power banks of various capacity. It’s also the perfect backup in case of a power outage.                                                         
  3. Portable & Lightweight: You can easily take this foldable solar panel charger with you on any outdoor adventure! It weighs only 12.34oz. and is ultra-thin. It’s ideal to use while backpacking, hiking, camping, kayaking & other outdoor activities.    
  4. Weather-Proof & Durable: Don’t worry if those clouds could turn into rain – our solar panels are shielded with industrial-strength PET polymer and sewn into rugged polyester canvas, making it highly resistant to water and dust.                                          
  5. Friendly Service. 

If you want to check this product the link is here – click on image 


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