There once lived a wealthy merchant in Kashmir whose son was a lazy as he was foolish. No matter what the merchant said his son did the opposite. If. that is, he did anything at all. The merchant finally had all he could take.

                      ” I want you to go to the marketplace,” he told his son, ” and buy something for us to eat, something for us to drink, something for the cow to eat, and something for us to plant in the garden. And you may spend only this one small coin. If you can do it, come back home. If you can’t don’t come home.”

                 As the boy walked toward the marketplace, he began to cry. He could not think of any way to buy all those things with the coin his father had given him. He’d never be able to go home. He was crying so loudly a girl working in the field heard him and asked what was wrong. When he told her about his father’s order and all he had to buy with one small coin, the girl shook her head and told him not to worry. She said he could easily do what his father wanted and told him how. 

                That night the boy went home with a smile on his face as well as something to eat, something to drink , something to feed the cow and something to plaint in the garden. The father was very surprised and very impressed .. How did the boy do it?

P.S. Do give the answer in the comment section. This is a famous folktale. hope you know the answer. 

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