Hiyaaa!!(after a long time)

Today I just wanted to share what I realized about myself which is possibly stopping me from being more social or more open with people .

So, recent my counselling teacher was discussing about friendships , types of friendship , kinds of friend you will meet and so on . But there was one thing that  I realized  while the teacher was discussing . I realized that there are a lot of things that are probably the reason I am limited to very few  people . To be exact , there’s a lot of them  basically . 

Maybe they are people whom I can consider friends like casual ones and all but I really don’t consider them as one.

Maybe too anti-social/ introverted , maybe because I distance myself from them , maybe I am not flexible and get easily annoyed by someone’s behaviour, maybe straightforward .  Maybe I took my definitions of friends high that I group everyone out of the friend circle .

I recently experienced candy-sweet moments with friends that just remembering them makes me smile ear to ear .

Recently  I went to the school after a long-long  time and  some days later I was  alone with 2 classmates  while other students were taking class online classes when my new-new friend ( yup I approached someone for the first time because I knew she was having same interests as me 😀) tried to introduce me to her friends and it went pretty well tho it was something lil new for me . 

I was so touched for a time when I saw a genuine caring nature in  a close friend of mine .A month ago, I sprained my ankle and fell down because it was paining a lot but she supported me by wrapping my arm around her shoulder and made me sit on a bench , sprayed Volini on it , made sure that I walk properly without limping , while she was taking care of me, I stared at her in a complete awe . She is really sweet and absolutely a person with whom you can share everything , literally the best .

With a lot of casual and close friends , I feel so so happy to have people to share whatever I want and I hope I’ll be a good listener to them too…


The one thing that I learned is to cherish the good-hearted people around you , because they are the best ones you will ever meet…….

Jai Shri Hari ✨🙏