During the entire 10 days, youths will move to the many temples across the island for the Jhakri dance. This will last till early morning. They will visit as many temples as possible during the 10 days. You will never ever see Ganesh Chaturthi without Jhakri. The energy, devotion, compassion and soulful beats are so contagious that you would find yourself swinging and dancing to the art form. Here is a link to a YouTube video:

YouTube video


Kanawla: It resembles a Mawa Samosa, but the outer layer is flour, stuffed with grated coconut and flavored with elaichi powder. Sometimes they add nuts in the stuffing for a contrast to the soft coconut. This is fried and best served with hot elaichi tea. Yum!


Besan ke Laddoo


We are an island surrounded by azure seas and gorgeous rivers. There are strategic places spread over the island where devotees would go for visarjan. It is an emotional atmosphere and spiritually charged too. There would be Bhajans, Kirtans, Jhakri and Hawans going on all over the place. Over the years, the cultural centres have been working hard to sensitize people about not using cement idols or any other materials besides environmental friendly ones. The sensitization campaign has been a huge success. 

🌺Hari Om🌺