Garden diaries #thewritechoice 2I have a little health care section with bael tree, apayana, spearmint, green turmeric, Baume du Pérou, thyme, Roselle (a superfood), and aloes. Garden diaries #thewritechoice 3

Garden diaries #thewritechoice 4
My Amla tree isn’t growing as it should though, it requires a hot climate. That’s quite unfortunate. I really love Amla fruits. They are a rare produce to obtain in Mauritius. You have to be looking for it and willing to travel long distances for these sour delicacies. And my betel leaves keep growing wild. My chow leaves are out of control, but the chayotes are incredibly tasty. And the papayas are so small that, gulp in one bite😹. 

My feng shui bamboo turned out to be the most gorgeous of my collection. There is long bilimbi, an achar delicacy, sour and earthy. Whenever summer is at its peak, which is in November- December, we let them sun-dry and make achards with it. It is sort of the local superfood. The vitamin C content is very high in these little fruits and the water content also tops the chart. 

❤️Hari Om❤️