We have heard numerous stories of gods fighting demons or giants in various mythologies or ancient history.

I have always been fascinated of it and always wanted to learn more about it. That made me spend a lot of time reading on it even making my own theories based on both intuition and what have read about it.

In our own culture we have Devas fighting the Asuras and Rakshasas. This was continued by suryavanshi kings like Lord Rama. Yes it can be said lot of it is metaphorical and is meant to teach us about the positive and negative energies present within us.

But is it just that. There are comparative stories present in virtually in all cultures, be it Greek, Norse, Sumerian and even many tribal cultures. Yes it could be Jungian psychological  archetypes.

Then when I read about sightings of hominid ape like creatures in various different cultures be it Yeti, Yowie, Almas, Big Foot, Yeren and many more it made my imagination float further. Is there something more.

Could they be link to the ancient giants or Rakshas still present on earth but hiding or even ancient species of Giant human like beings having ability to hide and come into picture only when they want. Even normal animals have superior ability of not being easily seen and keen smell to detect humans. 

In ancient excavations it was seen there were more beings which human like but not Homo sapiens. Do we really know about such species and their extinction. Would have loved to have    Power of time travel and see the evolution.

These questions may just be figment of imagination or maybe more than that. So when you hear or see a monkey man like creature at night which just disappears when it sees more people just think Is it just your imagination or It was really there 😉