Today is a gratitude day by my conscious efforts.

Morning 4 o’clock……. Everyone is asleep. I have started meditating on my breath and then on the Gayatri Mantra. Thoughts of rejection and invalidation by others are beginning to permeate my mind. I don’t fight with those thoughts and only focus on my JAPA. Maa, thank you so much for the love, peace, and strength bestowed on me. I didn’t ask for anything but You have made me fulfilled always.

5.30 am…… Morning tea with my husband in my garden. Oh GOD, tea tastes exactly what I needed. My garden is awesome with its imperfections. Dear Adenium, you are ready to bloom within a few days. Your scarlet buds becoming bigger day by day, filling me with joy. Gerbera has produced a purple flower shoot even in the offseason. I know you have bloomed only to make me happy. Both of you were dormant and now flowering, Thanks for being with me…… My silent friends.

6 am……. I am writing a gratitude journal for os. me.Millions of Thanks to Swami Ji for providing this platform where everyone is acknowledged without any judgment. Thank you so much, Swami Ji, for empowering me with the freedom of expression. It makes me so light despite being heavy.

7 am to 8 am……..Lalita  Shasranama recitation with Swami Vidyananda. What else do I need? When my Maa is with me, I feel no pain, no agony.

8.30 am……. Breakfast with family and house chores. these things are making me mobile both physically and mentally. I am clinging to the joy of relationships ignoring all conflicts.

Today is an off day from the office but going with the daily flow without mentioning time, I will continue….

Around 9 am…I feel grateful for a job that is indirectly related to patient welfare. The way from home to the office is long but beautiful. I can view Shivalik Hills covered with different shades of green in the monsoon season. The traffic jams are not bothering me. Each tree and plant on my way is recognizing and greeting me.

In my job, I dedicate my work to the Divine. Here also I observe the play of false egos, compatibility issues, and lack of resources. The world sees a fine sword, no one sees how it is forged. It requires heat to make the material malleable and then hammered with specialized tools and techniques. we are not paid only for the actual job but also for the undesirable and inevitable outcomes. I consciously pick immense gratitude for this job which pays me well and is teaching me valuable life lessons. I have trained my mind to keep aside the complaints, negativities and grudges. I happily accept everything with a big thanks.

Buddhism and Swamijis teachings have taught me to do random acts of kindness. I feel so fulfilled and happy. I am thankful that I can steal time to give an ear to many people regarding health and other issues. In spite of my fears and limitations, I will try to do my best for their welfare according to my capability.

Gratitude and complaint are the two options. I have chosen GRATITUDE with mindfulness. What and how do you opt for? I will be looking forward to your valuable feedback.

Thanks and regards.