happiness!! In the race to chase happiness, we ignore those things,who really deserves happiness,what really makes you happy You don’t have to try hard for happiness.be patient and keep working.happiness will come to you.

Henry David Thoreau says;’ Happiness is like a butterfly, the more we chase she makes us run But when we don’t pay attention, our attention is elsewhere, So she sits on our shoulder.we should try to be happy Absolutely should be done, but it is not that we just kept running after him.There is no happiness anywhere else, it is this, within us, we have We just can’t see the mist, we can’t see it.To see it, to recognize it, to adopt it with an open heart, with an open mind, with outstretched arms. This is a very beautiful gift of God.

When we are happy, all the senses of our body start working accordingly.When we are happy, the atmosphere of our non-spirit becomes pleasant.Seeing us and other people are also happy, they also get happiness.

So always be happy, keep smiling, live your life happily Difficulties are the way of life, they will come How easily we take them is up to us.