When i wrote my first post on os.me, i had no idea where i will end up.

I just thought few people write here and spread some good messages which may impact us deeply and help us to evolve better.

I was so wrong , no no not that what i said above is not right😃, but what i couldn’t realise at that time was people on this platform are gem and all are kind of extended family members,  who live in different parts of the world but give their best efforts to stay connected.

The unconditional acceptance and love i have received here , i can’t express in words.

Earlier i had thought I will not be very regular here but os.me is addictive.  When i first started to write about certain issues the response was quite motivating. 

Then one day i took a risk to upload a bhajan  ,inspired by all the amazing singers here like Swati ji and Anitosh ji ,and you all poured your love in the awesome comments i got on that. 

Divya ji then requested for another bhajan and i attempted that too and again the response was overwhelming.  Her comment was special in the sense she wrote may be HE wants me to sing now.

Then i became more courageous😆 and took bigger risk by publishing my poem and damn i got so much love. 

Comments from people of all age, sadhvi ji, sushree ji and lovely fellow writers made me think how big hearted these people are. They take out time from their busy schedule to read my post and leave comment too. I genuinely thank each one of you for being so kind and loving.

Then i saw many lovely people on facebook who were quite active on BL FB page. I didn’t know any of them personally.  

Then one day Ankur ji sent a friend’s request. I generally do not accept any unknown people’s request, but with a small conversation with him , i accepted his request. 

And then so many other people, who are ardent discilpe and devotee of swami ji sent frnds request and i felt blessed that this is his grace to make me familiar with HIS family. I am so much in love with all of them. They have opened a new avenue for me to understand life in a better way. 

I only sent friend request to one person-Meera Sharma and she has not accepted it till date😁. She directly chose to contact me over phone.  So sweet of her. 

When my daughter was unwell 2 years ago, i requested OM pariwar to pray for her recovery, and so many people approached me personally with so much vauable imputs and help. Special thanks to Shivani Om, meenakshi singhal and Love Om. This boy even kept my daughter in his prayers for over 20 days..what a beautiful soul he is. 🤗

On this hug day i want to thank and hug each one of you for being so so kind, understanding  and friendly with me.

I wish i could hug all of you but till we meet  please accept my virtual hug. I bow to all of you for your unconditional support and love showered upon me.

Now when you all have showed so much love and motivation be ready to be tortured more by my poems and regular posts😂.

 Thanks everyone,  warm hug to all of you. Stay happy and be grateful. 

Image- these mountains are my lifeline,  visible from my house in naukuchiatal,  nainital.

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