I want to dedicate this post to my mother  and I want to thank her infinite times for the love, care and kindness with which she has brought me up, I will forever be indebted to her for the uncountable sacrifices that she has made for me, my younger brother, and my father.

Well, today is Mother’s Day, and I thought that I should write something about Mother’s Day, so here it is. According to my perspective, every day should be celebrated as Mother’s Day  because a mother never takes a break, there  is no holiday in her line of duty.

From the moment, a gynecologist announces to this girl that she is pregnant till her last breath, the love of a mother keeps on flowing like Ganga ji flows from Gangotri Dham to Ganga Sagar. A mother’s duty is nonstop for 24 hours, 30 days and 12 months for her whole life. If a mother  is a homemaker, then all the time she is making food for the family, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, cleaning the house, making sure everyone is happy and well-fed, etc. If she is a working woman, then along with the work that she is doing in the outside world, she has to do all the work that is listed above.

There is another  reason that I feel that everyday should be celebrated as Mother’s Day because  a mother keeps her child in her womb for 9 months and it is because of  the mother’s  patience, care and nourishment that a child is born healthy and fit. A mother sacrifices everything for her child and I am saying this because I have seen my mother doing it for me.

My mother loves eating good food but she still gives away even her favourite food to me by giving excuses that she is not hungry or she doesn’t feel like eating it. She loves watching television but she doesn’t get the time to watch it because she is always busy doing one chore after another around the clock for our family.

She loved travelling to different tourist spots before her marriage but after her marriage, when we (me and my younger brother) were born, she didn’t get the time to travel as she had to take care of us. There are a million other sacrifices that she has done for us, some of which I am aware of but mostly I am completely ignorant about.

I still remember getting teary-eyed when I once heard my mother saying to my father that she didn’t realized that so many years have passed in taking care of me and my younger brother and now she realises that she hasn’t done anything that she had dreamt of or had a desire to do in her college life. That’s why on this Mother’s Day, I want to offer my obeisance to her for everything that she has done for me, my younger brother and my father.

I want to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to every mother who is reading this post and I also want to urge everyone who is reading this article to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to your mother. Thanks a lot for giving your precious time to reading this article. I really appreciate it.