Mam meree Maa ki aankh banwaado; a watts app message I received! As all are aware due to Swamiji s unbound grace I m a medium to help many sick with medications when they are themselves hand to mouth! Who is this I asked the one messaging me and how do you know me I spoke in hindi audio message to the one messaging me. Zareef came the reply.He was from a small town Chandausi. Can I call you?, the most humble message sender asked me .At my approval he told me he had come to aiims for his daughter s treatment sometime back and he met my Co sevaite Gurleen doing Chai and Rusk seva at 6am on Monday mornings and took help from her for medicines for his daughter some months back.Zareef requested me to get his mother’s cataract surgery as he had no funds for same and his mother was loosing vision each day! As my over paranoid family doesn’t use any online financial transactions I did not commit Zareef immediately that I can help him  but asked him to call me after a week. Till then I approached @Adiya Shahi   Co devotee and member an extremely compassionate, kind and virtuous person whether he would like to help Zareef? A doctor also our Co devotee had once asked me why I help different faith people but Aditya Shahi a mother Divines s ardent devotee never thought of faith  religion  or anything of  Zareef s mother but immediately saw a live opportunity to serve Mother Divine ! My brother Akshay helped in all the online transfers from Adiya to Zareef ! As Swamiji says devotion  chanting, meditation and Sadhna are all important but Adiya holds the Golden hearted Shrine where mother Divine sits on her throne with all Glory! Thank you Aditya you have unconditionally always always always supported,helped, encouraged and trusted me.