Is it true that God resides in the hearts of children? Their innocence, their love, their questions..when their voices are trained, it will bring tears to your eyes. It goes right through your soul. Jan man Gana has been my favourite song for a long time, but during my last confinement, I discovered ‘Il faudra leur dire’ (link to Spotify & YouTube provided). A song composed by Francis Cabrel. It is easily my favourite. It is in French, but love and sincerity know no language. The lyrics are in French, but I have translated them for you. 

I cannot describe the feeling of peace and happiness when I listen to it. Tears overflow my heart. Have a pleasant music session. It is pure therapy. These children and the gentle piano will heal your heart, soothe your spirit, give you a boost to help those beautiful children who have been abandoned. My heart goes to them. God forgive us.

Is it true that there are people who love each other? 

If the children are all the same, 

Then we’ll have to tell them, 

It’s like perfumes we breathe, 

Just a look, easy to do 

A little more love than usual. 

Since we live in the same light 

Even if there are colors they prefer 

We would like to tell them 

It’s like perfumes that we breathe 

Just a look 

Easy to do 

A little more love than usual 

Just a little more love. 

For less tears, 

For less emptiness, 

For less winter. 

Since we live in the hollows of a dream 

Before love touches our lips 

We would like them say 

The words we receive 

It’s like perfumes we breathe 

We will have to tell them 

Easy to do 

A little more love than usual

Image credits: Pixabay 

🕉Hari Om🕉