“Ma, I have a short life span.”

I dropped a bomb on my mother. But she didn’t react, rather waited patiently giving me sufficient time to explain.

After a little pause, I gathered courage and continued, “The lifeline in my both hands is broken which indicates death. My birth chart says that either I will die, or I will be forced to a death like situation.”

Still my mother was listening silently, giving full attention to each and every word.

I further said, “I have almost completed my time on this planet Earth. This was the only time period that I had to live for myself, to fulfil my desires and to enjoy life. If I transform myself and start thinking about others, I may be able to be in this very body for some more time. [redacted] In every difficult situation, the spiritual experiences constantly remind me that whatever happens He is always with me. Whether I will be in this body or will leave this body, He will be there to bless me.”

My mother showed me the path to follow, “You can transform yourself as Sagittarius are philanthropic in nature. I am pretty sure you will be able to transform yourself for the welfare of others. From now onwards, instead of thinking about yourself try to think about the Sanatana Dharma and fully dedicate your life to it. Whether you have the ochre robe or not it doesn’t matter what matters is your dedication and hard work for the upliftment of the society.”

Dear readers, maybe I will be able to bring about the desired change in my life as per my mother’s advice and can help you all for some more time or may be death knocks on my door anytime and this would be my last post on os.me. GOODBYE (hopefully not forever)! 

Pic : Pixabay