it’s 1:40 in the morning
i feel Her magnetic pull
once again
the ripples in my mind
have come to halt
a stillness stations
at my breath
a cool breeze flows
within the grooves of
my mind
my mind’s eye gazes
at Her human form
and i feel myself diving
deep into Her presence
my inner skin sheds off
when She holds me with
Her gaze
and the exhaled air removes
all the toxicities from my mind
i feel renewed, recharged
and de-stressed
and let go of things that
can’t be controlled
i handover the cards
to Her
and let Her take the lead
She knows well
what should remain and
what should not- so i let
Her decide the things i
can’t deny
a strong scent of jasmine
overpowers my emotions
and vulnerabilities, and
the essence of my
belongings start to dilute
with Her fragrance
i sit on my bed still,
defeated, surrendered
to Her feet
who am i to laugh or cry
or speak the truth or lie
it’s Her and only Her doing
that right now i am alive
to eulogize Her through
my poems
i am not more than an
ember from (Her) fire
a mere dust of snow
i end this poem with a
wish note – may i keep
penning verses for Her
in this short life-time
may i keep penning
verses for Her

Note – ‘She’, ‘Her’ – Shree Shree Maa Anandamayee (The Bliss-permeated Mother)