🍀🌸Birth of a flower, raindrop, leaf, cloud, branch or a child this is where the first magic starts I was born into this world like anything else in nature. But being born as human has its own good and bad I was now not out in fresh air in the lap of nature our true mother but inside four walls nature knows how can anyone be blessed to be inside four walls. No matter how big or small our houses are it’s still nothing as beautiful as nature …. Yeah we know 🍃

Don’t remember how my first two years were but after all is what I remember, at the age of 2.5 yrs I was sent to my aunts house away from my parents know why “TO STUDY” I see myself laugh as write this … yeah but I was hard for all I hear a story with them is once I almost attacked my teacher with a broomstick I know hard to believe guess I didn’t find anything hard enough 😒

Now from there I was put into a boarding school at the age of 3.5 ( guess I still struggle with that )until I finished my post graduation I grew up in boarding or hostel that’s my home seems so only difference is can’t go back whenever I want to like a real home .

I remember when my father used to visit me every now and then he would take me to watch a movie eat nice food and buy me lots of bakery items (to subdue my love hunger is it appa ? I wanted to ask him 😔)… 

I know I am writing long but somewhere I have to fill it and guess this will do good . I remember my days as my father left me back to hostel I would run behind him to climb the gate crying and screaming calling him to take me, from that day till today I seem to be lost…. 

My childhood was full of mistakes and punishments , ill treatment , comparison, fighting to stand by myself … still trying but yes better than before it is now … that’s all for today can’t go back to 🍀 









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