Generally, when we read any good book or scroll any great article we thought with a वाह! moment, This book will change my life forever, Why haven’t I read it yet ? But after a few weeks or months our life remains the same it doesn’t change at all.

Do you even wonder why it happens?

The answer is because we misinterpret reading with learning. Our mind simply fools us.

Let’s try to understand how we can convert Reading into actual learning

1) The ideas, key concepts, mental models and learnings belong to the writer or the respective person from which the writer takes it, they are not our own, for learning we have to make them our own and we can do it by spending time with them, by asking questions related to them, analysing them from various point-of-views, try them in our day to day life, discuss them, teach or explain it to somebody or ourself then it became our own. Then learning actually starts.


2) Normally what people do is they memorize what writer is saying and use it sometime in any discussion to show off, it doesn’t make any sense.{same thing happens with video lectures, sessions, discourse and seminars}

Summarize the key concept and ideas of a book in your own words describe them by your own. “लिख लिख कर याद मत करो,समझो और फिर उसे अपने शब्दों में लिखो।”(Don’t memorize by writing, understand and then write it down in your own words.) Always remember Don’t make notes by just copy pasting the highlighted lines/paragraphs.


3) Make notes after completing each chapter or section of the book, Don’t wait untill the end of book because by waiting for the book to end you can miss a lot of important insights, analogies, key points which came to you while reading a particular chapter/paragraph/section of the book.

4) Teach the key ideas/concepts to your self or to another as it says “To teach is to learn twice “

Keep learning, keep growing

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