Blog-How to Balance left brain and right brain

How can you increase the power of left brain and right brain ? The right brain controls the left side of body and left brain controls the right side of body , it is very important to coordinate the left brain and right brain and to make the harmonious relationship between them so that you have a very strong brain power ,
There are two techniques ,
1.Twisting of words
2.brain conversation
Twisting of words- please write any word by right hand , suppose we write ‘independence ‘ by our right hand and write reverse of this word by left hand
You may use the real mirror in this technique or put a mirror in your mind to write reverse of this word like” ecnednepedin” by left hand . Please try to increase brain power 10 times daily
Conversation of both brains-write a question by right hand like “ how are you “ give the answer by left hand “ I am fine “, do it 10 times
Do breathing exercise ie belly breathing means deep breathing from belly , it will increase the oxygen supply in brain and power , memory , function would improve

may be blessed

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