This article was channelled directly from Jesus on 22/02/2022 by Stephan Davies of The Divine Connection.

What is the path of the heart?

“Hello. What is the path of the heart? This is the topic of this channelled article. Now let me say this – there are several reasons why compassion, love, equanimity and openness are very essential to the spiritual and meditation paths. There are several reasons why you should focus upon opening your heart.

First of all the most important point is this – when you have genuine caring for others, others respond the same way to you. Now that may seem obvious but it’s actually not as obvious as you think. What I’m saying is this – the energy that you emanate, the energy that you radiate is what comes back to you. There is a law of attraction at work here, the law of attraction says this: ‘That which you put into the world is that which the world puts into you.’ So the essence of this message is that if you give to others, others will help you, if you take from others, others will take from you. This sounds very simple, but it is not a simple thing.

So what we’re talking about essentially is what is known as Karma. Karma means that what you do to others is what others will do back to you. Now this may not seem immediately obvious, there are people in the world who do terrible things, there are people in the world who do great, horrible things to others and yet they don’t seem to suffer. Let me make a little point here – those who do terrible things, their suffering will be more than you could imagine, their suffering will be more horrible than one would even bear to think about and it may not happen today, it may not happen tomorrow, it might not happen this year, but it will happen sooner or later. Now the other point I want to make is this – there are people in this world who do wonderful, joyful, happy things and they help people and get these people get struck down by illness or they have a heart attack or a loved one dies, bad things happen to good people that is true.

I would like to say this – those people who do good things, even if something bad happens to them their suffering won’t be anywhere near as bad as those who do bad things. Those who do bad things their suffering will be suffering heaped on suffering heaped on suffering, it will be more than anyone would even imagine.

Ok so that’s a basic understanding of karma. Even though it’s not obvious to us karma does exist and Karma weaves through every single thing we do, everything is affected by Karma, governed by Karma.

So now let’s talk about compassion. Compassion is one of the most beautiful, amazing, joyful things that a person can have. Compassion is the most important, essential imprint that one can make upon another. When you imprint another with your compassion it touches them deeply, when you give compassion to another you help them in so many ways. So giving compassion will help you even more than it helps them.

So what is compassion? Compassion is a sympathy for another’s misery or sympathy for another’s bad situation. So what I would like to say is this – if you have compassion for another it will expand your consciousness, compassion is not just about helping others, it’s also about expanding your own mind.

Now those who practice compassion they experience all kinds of truthful, amazing, divine interventions. Those who generate compassion they are able to be blessed by God, Jesus, The Angels, the divine beings. Those who practice compassion they’re genuinely lead to the path of enlightenment.

So the question is ‘how can I generate more compassion?’ Ok let me just give you a very short practice you can do, it is very simple.

Step 1 is this: Visualise yourself in a completely beautiful place, visualise yourself being completely at peace, take a few moments to feel this.

Step 2 is this: Feel that your heart is opening, feel a sense of your heart like a beautiful sunflower expanding bigger and bigger and bigger. Allow your heart to grow as big as your entire body, now imagine your heart grows as big as the entire Galaxy, now let your heart expand bigger. Imagine your heart grows as big as all of existence, feel a sense of your heart opening, opening, opening.

Step 3 is this: I want you to visualise someone you know who’s having a bad day, someone you know who’s having a bad influence on them or someone you know who’s had a bad disaster in their life. Now visualise this person clearly, try to understand what they’re going through.

Step 4: Now imagine a sunray from your heart goes to there’s, like a ray of sunshine from your heart to theirs. It goes into them and it blesses them and say to them ‘I feel for your suffering, I feel for your suffering, I feel for your suffering.’

Step 5: Say this as many times as you need and generate compassion for their suffering, truly send them your love, send them your love. Do this for one person and then you can expand to another person and another and another. You can eventually do this for all of the people on the planet, you can do this for as many people as you wish.

If you practice this meditation everyday your happiness will increase, your sense of empowerment will increase and you’ll be a much much much more strong person than you were before.

Ok so I’ve said enough for now, I’m Jesus and I love you all most completely. Goodbye for now.”

Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. You can find his website here.

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