Fear is an unpleasant feeling triggered by perception of danger, real and imagined. It is common in every human being but what differs is what gives you the jitters. 

However, there’re various ways one can overcome their fears and this article will go through some of them.

1.  Believe in Yourself:

No one will believe in you and your abilities if you don’t believe in yourself. This may sound cliché but it’s a longstanding truth. Therefore, it’s important to identify ways you can instill confidence in yourself and overcome the fear.

Remember, you are in charge of emotions and you choose what type of emotions that can take over you. Replace the habits that lead to fear with those that bring about satisfaction.

2.  Find the Root Cause:

In most cases, the cause of fear may be deep-rooted. In others, the cause may be clear. Regardless, you want to identify the cause of the fear if you fancy any chance of overcoming it. You cannot solve a problem if you don’t understand it.

Sit down and think through previous but similar situations where you felt the same fear. What led you to fear the essay? Was it a poor grade you got from a previous essay? Or you think you aren’t up to the task?

3.  Try Relaxing Yourself:

There could be other underlying factors that lead you to fear writing an essay or to complete your essay. For this reason, you may want to take the time to relax.

This you can do by taking a break from your normal routine and go to a quiet and secluded space to think through the cause of fear and how you can manage the situation.

Sometimes, fears are indications you need to take time out to relax. After the break, you’ll be surprised to see just how much you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand.

4.  Go for it:

Yes, go for it. Tackle that assignment or essay even if you feel intimidated by it. Fear manifests in people after going against the body’s wishes.

You see, the body is used to a certain routine and when this routine is broken, the body enters defense mode. In this case, fear is one of the ways the body will use to protect itself. Besides, if it’s still overwhelming, you can consider Online Assignment help.

5.  Accept the Fear and Live with it:

Sometimes, it’s better to accept the situation and live with it. By accepting your fears, you can plan ahead because you know exactly what to expect. Imagine the entire situation and start laying out a blueprint on how to tackle it in the event it manifests.

In conclusion, overcoming fears is an uphill task. However, you must understand that you are in charge of your destiny and shouldn’t allow your fears to control your life. In fact, there’s nothing that should make you think you aren’t up to any task.

         Author – Palak Bedi