We  are born and brought up in different families, following different regions. Which help us create first notion of what religion is? So we are not  Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians by birth but are made so during our upbringing. But the thing we get by birth is that we are all born Humans.

For some religion might be a set of rituals (as in Hindu families we tell children to bow in front of various idols) while for others it is a path that leads to the Supreme. But if one keenly observes mythological texts, it seems clear that religion has become practical for some( Ram to Krishna Era) while more and more ritual ridden for most. We never fail to fill minds with fear, that God will punish if you do bad things. Don’t you feel the time has come that we introduce our future generations with new perspective, irrespective of the religion our minds are stamped with right after birth. Let us introduce ourselves to innate self that we have by birth as humans ie Humanity.

In my view, Humanity is much more than religion rather then being a new religion. One can follow any religion and uphold it to the level of humanity rather than being stuck in ritualistic practices. For example, a Humanist Hindu would prefer to donate 1kg of ghee to a needy family rather than burning it in diya to please god who himself/herself has given us everything. Because one is not Hindu just because he lits diya in front of God but because one embibes the values of it.

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