I met a boy. 

A very sweet, gentle, and caring guy. 

He held my hand when I stumbled. He supported me in times of crisis. 

He listened to me weep when I could not handle myself and comforted me to keep going. 

I am here in Delhi, and he is in Gujrat. That mobile phone was our only medium of communication, but he made it worth. 

He supported me more than my friend whom I met every day and could not share what was going on inside of me. 

Recently I went to Mumbai for 6 days and met him. We spent some time together and realized that he is as clear as water. He is exactly the same as he was on that mobile. 

He held my hand when I was wearing high heels so that I wouldn’t fall. 

He listened to me weep and hugged me tight when I was worried about my parents contracting with covid. 

He supported me more than the friend with whom I went there and stood there with me like a pillar so that I do not fall. 

He made every moment worth it and made sure that I forget all my worries and rejuvenated me to tackle every problem that I have with new energy. 

He held my hand and asked if I would like to spend my whole life with him. 

And I said…….

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