Visual Hallucination orDelusion😇This. Episode is not an Elderly patient’s Dementia, but A real Experience of a teenager😂,with childhood social Conditioning or May be some past life Karma,this life time’s Phobias… Past is still lingering in The back of my Analytical Monkey 🧠mind🐒in sixties,parents brought us up ,with scare for 🔮Darkness, never explaining The fact. That Absence of Light is 🔅 Darkness,For us , the association was with supernatural Dark 🐼Forces…the Moral was to bring us back home, Before Dusk,when cows return to cowsheds,The Waves of The Ocean slow down to The Cosmic⛵ rhythm of 🕉,we get ready for the evening Aarti, a ritual with family, no time for rat race.⏳
Today’s Teenager start their Day at Dusk,as sunset is not 🌇visible in the concrete jungle. We are old school..I spent my teenage in old delhi haweli,like baraat ghaar,bighall,small verandah. Ten families, Rest rooms,in the last corner 💤 for vaastu,
I have Always been an Early was December, early Sixties, Darkness still Enveloped The atmosphere along with smog,I was on my way for The Nature’s call.. I suddenly noticed an old lady,stooping,crapped in white Saree,Head to toe 🕯.My reaction wad unbecoming of me,as I scooted after U Turn, getting The Shock of my life, screaming Bhooottt..The infirm Lady Followed me Replying”I an Geeta’s Daadi,don’t Feel Scared “My response was radical Forgiveness with folded Hands..was it Catharsis… I hope she has Forgiven me..It was a learning episode for me..Jai Shree Hari.🤟

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