Visual Hallucination orDelusionšŸ˜‡This. Episode is not an Elderly patient’s Dementia, but A real Experience of a teenageršŸ˜‚,with childhood social Conditioning or May be some past life Karma,this life time’s Phobias… Past is still lingering in The back of my Analytical Monkey šŸ§ mindšŸ’in sixties,parents brought us up ,with scare for šŸ”®Darkness, never explaining The fact. That Absence of Light is šŸ”… Darkness,For us , the association was with supernatural Dark šŸ¼Forces…the Moral was to bring us back home, Before Dusk,when cows return to cowsheds,The Waves of The Ocean slow down to The Cosmicā›µ rhythm of šŸ•‰,we get ready for the evening Aarti, a ritual with family, no time for rat race.ā³
Today’s Teenager start their Day at Dusk,as sunset is not šŸŒ‡visible in the concrete jungle. We are old school..I spent my teenage in old delhi haweli,like baraat ghaar,bighall,small verandah. Ten families, Rest rooms,in the last corner šŸ’¤ for vaastu,
I have Always been an Early was December, early Sixties, Darkness still Enveloped The atmosphere along with smog,I was on my way for The Nature’s call.. I suddenly noticed an old lady,stooping,crapped in white Saree,Head to toe šŸ•Æ.My reaction wad unbecoming of me,as I scooted after U Turn, getting The Shock of my life, screaming Bhooottt..The infirm Lady Followed me Replying”I an Geeta’s Daadi,don’t Feel Scared “My response was radical Forgiveness with folded Hands..was it Catharsis… I hope she has Forgiven me..It was a learning episode for me..Jai Shree Hari.šŸ¤Ÿ

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