Dandavat Pranam at your Lotus Feet Swamiji. All the awards which was won by me in various competitions, like Rajbhasha week or Vigilance Awareness Week for Essay Writing, Official letters Drafting etc., are surrendered at your feet. You are the true achiever of the recognitions received in various forums. You are the true driving force driving me professionally, personally and socially. Please continue showering your bless and grace like this oh divine being.

Despite all these accolades, I was feeling void from within for last few days. After a fact finding brain storming session, in came the conclusion. It is a straight forward one: my time spending in this divine platform has reduced to a lot of extent and I have not written anything since a long time to be precise, exactly one month gap has occurred since my last post. Yes, I was busy in work. A lot of Neutron work. But to be frank, some other ‘distractions’ and procrastinations crept in unknowingly and slowly. I thought of writing several times, but failed due to various reasons and self ‘excuses’. But not anymore. I vow today that, I will write regularly as it is the best link to destroy all the bad sectors.

For me, writing is more than just an activity. It is my spiritual calling, not radio silence in this forum. I vow to increase the time spent on this platform without much excuses. It is the pent up internal spiritual calling in form of attachment to this forum which has been making me feel void. Of course, no panic button is pressed. But a sense of blockade in spiritual progress is felt from within. Swamji, please help me keeping my resolve and I surrender the ‘distraction’ at your feet. Now it is at your discretion to take care of the ‘distraction’ and ease up things. I can see you smiling just like the movement of the offered flower at your feet during my daily morning Pooja rituals!!! 😊

I would like to tell all the family members of OS.me, that I am missing you all. I am not down or in any kind of distress, but the void has come from lack of interaction since a long time. But no more excuses anymore. The sense of nearness and belongingness is very essential to one’s overall growth, especially when one has started a spiritual voyage in such a forum. It should not be confused with ‘approval of others’. But it should be taken in the sense of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka vikas’ !!!

Now I am very much relived that I could write a few words in this post to complete the feedback loop and got grounded. (Again a technical term!)

Jai Shri Hari. Love ya Swamiji!!! I am the most ‘Naalayak’ in the category as per your last to last Saturday’s videoπŸ˜‰

PS: Please do not congratulate me for the awards received in the comments section. I have done nothing great. If you really feel happy for me, just write “Jai Shri Hari”. Humbly yours.

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