I suppose, In the entire universe there would be people with the mindset of “Luck Happens”. It’s just because we want to live in our comfort zone and don’t wanna try to make our luck happen. We see others achieving their goals, but we don’t see their struggle behind it, we don’t even wanna think about their collision that what they have been through, what things they have done to achieve their success. We don’t realise the fact that they didn’t achieve this goal overnight. They were trying since years, they have sacrificed a lot to achieve their thing.

To make our Luck Happen we need to do the same things that successful people have done. That is the only way to make this Luck Happen. I’m sure, now you are curious to know the thing

  1. Find Your Purpose In Your Life : finding the purpose is the first step to achieve success. Remember; your purpose should be by full of your heart not by your mind. If the purpose is by heart only then it will give you the vibe of happiness, it will give you the thrust to achieve your thing, it will always aspire you and keep you motivated.
  2. Never Ever Depend On Others : Don’t be a sheep in a group. Always make your own vision and make your own decisions on that. Focus ; this is your life, your goal, your journey. only you know what is good or bad for you.
  3. Be Consistent : Consistency is the key to achieve your goals. If you have the. mindset that: I will do it later, I will do it tomorrow, I will do it after an hour, I will do it after some time, I will do it when i feel like doing, I am tired, I need rest, And I have my whole life why to do now. Then dude!! You are not really passionate about your goal.
  4. Burning Desire : As I have mentioned previously. Having burning desire inside you is must. As it always keep you motivated for your thing. Burning desire only come when you have your goals by your heart, when you truly want something. 
  5. Always Look For Possibilities : Never ever stop learning in life. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whomever you meet with – always try to get something from that. Because this knowledge will play a huge role in your success.

In the end, I would say : Working hard, building that door, is not a guarantee of success. However not doing the job certainly is a guarantee that luck will not come knocking at your door. After all, there is no door to knock on. That’s why you need to build your own door to succeed.

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