Longing to be with you
Courses through my heart
Only desires to be in your heart 
For eons to come
Only for happiness of love
As it touches my heart
The pain of being far
Pierces my soul
Into pieces as tiny as grain of sand
For, wish only to live in heart of beloved
Gathering myself from the fold of time
Traces of time
Brimming with all sorts of emotion
Living in humble being of mine
I know not, how do I love you
For love has consumed me in all its shades
Coloring canvas of my heart
With what colour, I know not
Living in acceptance of lover’s design
All for love’s sake
I feel in heart
Is I am fallen
To not find thy abode
He who gives all
Bestower of bliss
Find me too
Take me in your embrace
In ecstasy I dance to the rhythm of your love 
I brim! I brim! I brim with joy
Which my heart never felt before
Embracing all songs of happiness in being
Sure to bring the glory to Lord
Warming the heart of many
Intoxicating all with divine love
For beloved knows only the language of love
Racing my heart, singing the sweet melodies of beauty
To find the beauty, the best
Is only the soul’s desire
Come! O beloved Lord
My heart is waiting for your arrival
Let all my love merge in your radiant being
Oh dear Lord! Come soon
Embrace me! For I am your darling
Loves you eternally.❤️
I say to you my dearest “I love you”🌹


Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om