A simpleton villager’s son went to the university to study philosophy and came back to his folks one day.

His father asked “What did you learn in the college?”

“Father I have learned many things, look, do you see those mangoes? Tell me how many are there?” Asked the son.

“There are two mangoes my son” said the father.

The son smiled and said “Now I will prove you there are three mangoes. See, this one mango and this is mango number two. One plus two is equal to three, hence there are three mangoes.”

The father thought for a minute and said “Alright son, you proved it”, then giving a mango to his wife he said “Now your mother will eat one mango, I will eat the second, you eat the third mango”

We tend to talk a lot about the things we can’t prove, or waste time in proving things that might never make a difference.
Unknowingly we drift away from reality, from the daily responsibilities, from the realities of life.

It’s fascinating to believe in paranormal and keep talking about philosophies yet all the talks combined together might not be able to pay the phone bill at the end of the month.

That gap between philosophy and living in the real world creates hypocrisy because we might sound very noble, but when it comes to living the truth, we might not be noble at all.

It’s the honest, practical living that matters in the end, not just empty talks.

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