Buddhist psychology identifies two major parts of mind – Store consciousness and Mind consciousness. The former is the lower part of our mind, a basement, on which the latter builds up, like a living room. The former stores the seeds of thoughts and emotions, the latter manifests it into full bloom flower of a tree.
Store consciousness keeps all kinds of seeds: seeds of love, faith, compassion, forgiveness, trust, respect and also seeds of hatred, jealousy, greed, rage or anger, fear, to mention few. All our latent talents and weaknesses get nourishment in store consciousness to shine in living room in our mind consciousness. So the manifestation of seeds depend on the right kind of nourishment it provides, like the water needs for a tree to grow up. Any stimulant to the seeds will eventually take over the living room like an unwelcome guests. So how you want to draw up the living rooms depend on the materials you keep it there. If the seed of anger or fear is dormant and not gets watered in the basement, the living room will always full of joy and happiness. It all depends on you, which seeds you want to flourish in living room, accordingly can water the seeds in the basement. In Buddhists, this method of watering to right kind of seeds is called as practice of diligence.This is a very powerful practice that anyone can master and on daily basis.
So whenever you are overwhelmed by any negative thoughts or action, immediately bring your mind into notice that we need to water right kind of seeds in the basement. Once you do that, automatically your living room will be lightened up. Like Mindfulness, you can also do the practice of diligence, sowing the right kind of seeds, on every moment of your life.

PS: the concept is taken from a book SILENCE, written by HH THICH NHAT HANH, a Buddhist Monk.