I belong to rajasthan (india) .

First of all my English is so poor but it’s time to

“abhi nhi toa kbhi nhi”

So I am your young brother guide me and feedback my story I hope u will enjoy and my guru will read this love u guru ji ….

Story began….

In 2017 I have exam. After finish my exam I go to bus stand for my home ….

Because  my exam center  was 180 km away form my home……

In 2017 I was bad habit of smoking…

After all exam I went to bus stop smoke cigarettes okkk…

And take ticket and go for my home….

But after 3-4 exam I decide  to go in last bus for home u know late night traveling….

My life main experience  began wait….

The bus was full my exam center  to my home journey  is 6 hrs……

I not get seat 6 hrs I go on my feet I mean I not get seat I travel on feet 6 hrs….

I ask many passenger  to please 3 4 inch seat for rest because  I start from home 6 hrs tarvel  and 3 hrs exam and again 6 hrs travel…

So that time no one Give me seat……..

I was so engry  in pain world  is so selfish….

There no kindness, all are fools….

From that time I decide that I will never help people for any how any condition (till now my guru was not part of my soul and my life )

So par 2 is now start…

So after that when I travel I never give any seat and any help ……

After some day some personal  reason I quite cigarettes permanently mean in year 3 4 cigarettes  only now…

I day one women ask me for bus seat  I ignore her…

She ask again  I ignore  her …….



After some day mean 1 year or 2 year I meet my guru om swami saw her lectur  on karna bhaw (mean if u need to become God u should commpsion)

I ignore  that women. Because  someone   ignore  me this cycle  never end in my life….like ….

I Lear very powerfull  lesson  it’s hard step of 


From that lecture  my life change ..i help people  help mean like swami ji say( WE CAN’T  BECOMES CHOCOLATE)

I GIVE seats  to whom need seats I talk people humble……..

Lesson  of story …

Smoking  addiction  make me selfish  I love only  that people who smoke and enjoy …..but that is so easy ….

And 2nd is karma …..

Few day before  me and my wife went to one sagai program….

We both have to went again home but this time not my exam and I am not single…

And the timing  was same in bus there u can’t belive huge rush we enter bus very difficult ly

But bag was on my head and one other bag was in my wife hand…….karma or commpiosn mean after bus Start there are many people drunk because  this was last bus after this bus was late so huge rush….many drunk  people…

It’s my true word …

In 1 or 2 kilometers  some one gave me seat to my wife and he say 

“Sister  seat here”

I have no word ..