Coming out of writing hibernation after almost 4 months, so please forgive me if I murder the English language at some places like Kapil Sharma 😂.

The last write challenge was cut short by a troubling stomach problem, so hoping to complete the challenge this time.


Before starting, I want to thank Sri Devi ji for this post idea.


You’re just a housewife. Right? What do you do all day?


Being a housewife looks easy on the outside, but is it really? I was about to find it…


July 2019

It was a little more than 5 years after my father’s paralysis attack, there was an engagement in our relatives family. My mother rarely got the chance to venture outside of the house since my father’s condition.

So I asked her to attend the engagement function as she will get to travel and meet everyone after a long time.

And I was tasked with the duty of taking care of my father and the house for 2.5 days.

She was leaving in the morning – The day she left for the engagement was relatively easy as she helped me with the initial arrangements, but what after that, I was on my own.

Next day I woke up at around 5-5:30 am in the morning to get ready, so that I can then do all the tasks that awaited me.

As soon as I got ready, the tasks started coming at me with full force – the details are a fit fuzzy, I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible-

  • Sweep the house.
  • Wake up dad.
  • Help him with the nature’s call.
  • Make arrangements for brushing father’s teeth.
  • Assist him with brushing his teeth, gargling, washing his face.
  • Wash his specs.
  • Make tea for both of us.
  • After that, Doing random small tasks.
  • Mop the house with a cloth and bucket (no handle mop,  my lower back gave up easily)
  • Give medicines to father.
  • Arrange for breakfast.
  • Sit with dad and understand what he wants to say, this is time consuming (he could only speak in broken words at that time)
  • Take milk from milkman, boil the milk, check the milk regularly if it has boiled, wait for the milk to cool down while doing random small tasks
  • Do cleaning of Dad’s body with a wet cloth or make him bath on a chair, and change his clothes.
  • Now we comes to the lunch part, my lunch arrangement was done by a relative living nearby; regarding my father’s food, he only eats food without a trace of red pepper, his tongue can’t handle spicy food.  So my mom taught me to make simple yellow dal in a pressure cooker a day before and I also simultaneously learned to close the lid of the cooker properly.
  • When I took the required quantity of yellow dal and water in the cooker and tried to close the lid; the lid just wouldn’t go into the cooker so that I can close it properly, so I fought with cooker 👊😂 – why are you making my life more difficult? 😂😂 After some tries I was able to close the lid and cook the spice free dal for my father.
  • After eating the food, now it was the time to wash the utensils. Ouchhhh…so much work I thought and it was around only 2 pm, somehow I managed to wash the utensils after expending so much energy (mom also taught me to wash utensils the previous day)
  • From around 5:30 am to 2 pm, I didn’t have the time to sit properly and relax, I was running like a madman from one task to another and I was like- mom does so much work in a day.


And this list excludes washing the clothes (didn’t have washing machine at that time and mom used to wash clothes by hand), chopping vegetables to make curry and plethora of things that can only be done by a housewife.

A housewife keeps your house organized so that it doesn’t resembles a junkyard. And she does all the above listed things for almost every day of her life.

Now if anyone  asks ““You’re just a housewife. Right? What do you do all day?”

Ask that person to do all the tasks of the housewife for their whole life by sacrificing their dreams. Most will give up in a day or two.


Hope this post was worth your time. 🙂

P.S.- Written without editing.

Pic credits- Pixabay

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