I heard this line in a series where the plot is of a reunion after 15 years. Last night for the group, and the teacher called them for a dinner party at his residence. When all were having drinks and fun, the discussion turned into a serious discussion as the students who were there, everyone had their fights some enjoying the life, some making money but some were struggling with the job, some planning to start up some venture, some struggling with their personal life, some still single and some having lost someone close, so in a nutshell. However, people looked happy from the outside; they were still fighting their internal wars.

After listening to all the discussion, all attention went to the teacher, who was silently listening to the students’ fights and laughing silently. When his term came, all asked sir what the key to a successful life, to which he answered the key to life is not being successful but to be happy and content as the definition of happiness to everyone is different, and everyone has a different outlook.

The sir shares a story of an old student who is doing great in his life and is happy in his life and when he visited him, the discussion that the two had, was as the student told the teacher that he is thankful to the teacher for the advice he gave him on the last day of the school in the farewell, which was a surprise for the teacher as he never remembered what he has told him. Then the student said, sir, as we were passing the stage and receiving our certificates, you told me to keep moving, which is my life philosophy. I keep moving, whatever the situation is. Life has never been the same. Situation change, life change, people change, but the truth is that we all keep moving, and if we accept it, things become easy to live.


I couldn’t get away from this word. Keep moving as it is true life moves, people move, and time is the best example second by second it carries, and the legend is that time never stops for anyone and who doesn’t understand this has to pay.

There are situations in life where we have to understand that moving on is the best possible option that an individual is. We have breakups. We lose people we love. We lose jobs, but the truth of life is we have to keep moving, and if we stop, chances are we will be run over, and if not run over, we will be left behind, and that is not in the race of life, but it will be the journey of life.