How to be happy forever…?

You got a new car /a new friend /a new house /a new ornament. In recent past, you had been  to a beautiful picnic spot or Watched a thrilling  movie.. or you are enjoying the best tasty food you like….
Just think,  in all these happenings, you were feeling  happy..isn’t it? But did that happiness continued for longer period ? No. Once that short period happiness is over, you start seeking for it by different means. No one likes the end of happiness. We are keen on performing certain actions and indulging in certain activities ; because those  ,we think ,will make us happy.
So  the ultimate goal of all our efforts is to achieve the state of permanent happiness. You seek it in wealth, health, relationship, name and fame etc. But you will notice, even one achieves it’s peak, after some period,  it fades.  This is the law of diminishing returns,  as per our scriptures. You stood first in the class…you were at the zenith of the happiness. Out of joy you distributed  sweets…whole day or few days you were in happy mood. But is that happiness is still there??..of the same grade? Aren’t you started seeking it in another happenings? In another place….object..being…..?

You like ice cream.  You eat it and feel happy….you think that ice cream made you happy.  OK. Now go on eating the same ice cream…. do you get the same grade of joy after  eating it 5th time? Now go on eating the same ice cream till you feel that you can’t eat it anymore.  You will get irritated. The ice cream;  which, you thought to be the cause of your happiness  when you ate it first time, is no more giving you the same kind of happiness.
Now think, if happiness would be in the ice cream,  you would get it every time you eat it. But you know it’s not true.
Replace the ice-cream  with another object, place, person. You  will notice the same outcome.
This proves that happiness is not in the objects. You were in temporary happiness while enjoying that object. Had the happiness been in objects, every object would have given the happiness to all. But we know, some like chocolates  but others hate the same. The person someone hates is loved by the other. It proves that Happiness is not in the objects. Where is it then?
The answer is_ It is within you….the Subject…..
Your nature Itself is of Ananda. Just like, sugar is sweet. Nature of the sugar /dharma is sweetness. It will never change by any external factors. To understand this concept, you have to know # who are you? You will laugh at this question….. You will immediately answer it by giving details  of  your profession, name, place, lineage etc. But it’s only your relative reality…not your True Reality.. So to know your Real nature, you have to learn the scriptures. Upanishad study will answer every query about your true nature. That is called Self-knowledge.Once you get this knowledge,  you will never suffer………that means you will be happy;  independent of external things and beings. Rather, you will be happiness Itself. We will  learn it step by step…slowly….. Stay connected…

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