“Science” originally came from the Latin word scientia, which means knowledge. Knowledge expands with learning, no matter where the information comes from. While the mainstream healthcare is expanding its knowledge through the scientific studies and experiments, the outlook must not be exclusive.
Exclusive suggests segregated or biased. The drawback in the world health sector is its preferential bend towards the allopathic system. It is a tendency of the modern mind to think in terms of either this or that. This means, “I will do this thing. I will not do anything else.” All the ancient paths of knowledge, including Ayurveda, are all inclusive.
The journey towards health becomes more effective and beneficial if there is inclusiveness.
Good health is Universal as it applies to all. It has no east, no west. The age of information and technology can be equated to the age of consciousness. This means that this age believes that the ultimate truth is not physical but much beyond the physical. Indian culture is known for its Darshana philosophy, which was rooted in the consciousness.
Darshana means “to observe.” So, an important aspect of the Indian culture was to observe with one’s ‘inner eye,’ to realize the depth of the Universe, the Spirit or even the Consciousness. This was not any bizarre exercise but a vision for truth, and Truth is always Universal. Ayurveda is the extension of this culture and is a science that deals with health and life. Health is the first step in life, so it becomes all the more important to be in good health to move ahead in life.
Things do need to change at the global level, but every change begins with the self. If you do not know about a subject, then you have every option to explore it. It is not ideal to have misconceptions about it. There are loads of information available. The facts can be explored rather than misconstrued. Although the best way is to inculcate awareness through the primary level of education. As is said, “It is easier to build a child than repair an adult.”