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A couple of days back, with some of my students, I went to visit an art gallery and a solo painting exhibition of one of our former High School teachers. I wrote about that day in my ‘The Art of Observation’ post. 

And yesterday, he passed away! 

Just like that. Without any clue. He suffered a massive heart attack. He gave up his breath on the way to the hospital. 

He was probably in his seventies. Though a Physics teacher, he was an artistic man. He was the inspiration behind the art gallery in the first place. And he got to see his art featured in that gallery! And now, suddenly he is no more. 

Such is life! Poof!—in any moment. But, as you know, life doesn’t stop. It continues. There are people who may feel their life has ended with the death of some deer one. At the same time, the lives of others continue to roll as usual. And actually, most who feel completely shattered recover after some time, and they too continue to live in the previous rhythm. 

We don’t want to forget our dear ones, but at the same time, it seems, we cannot but move ahead with life. What is the nature of this moving on? Or, more importantly, what should be the nature? 

Is moving on a choice? I don’t think so. Somehow, we are compelled by life. If not for oneself, but for others. These are times of transition. And in life, there inevitably comes some transitional phases. While being stuck in one place is pointless—because anyway death is inevitable—we should not blame or prose those who are going through such phases. Going through these transitions is a very challenging task and requires wisdom. For some, transitions like this may be overwhelming and very difficult to get over; for others, it may be relatively easy. 

Anyway, the point is, transitions are an integral process of life. We have to learn to go through them gracefully. When we stop growing, we are resisting the flow of life. And there’s great suffering in that. Life is a flowing river. That’s why it’s not stagnant. So, we have to learn to match it’s flow. So that we can renew ourselves and come out as a fresh life. The art of living is in gracefulness. That’s all. 

Thank you.
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