Blog – soul to soul called Iove

We are beings of love . With so much love within us , already , no need to beg from others , but others are also unable to give you love .

Basically our soul is like a battery , if it is fully charged , you are emotionally healthy and happiness , peace, love , love are your natural way of being , when the battery gets depleted due to negligence you would start find happiness outside .

How to charge your battery ? We charge our battery by 220 volt of spirituality in India and by 110 volt in US and canada 🇨🇦. Also we can charge by meditation for half an hour and by positive action by reading scriptures .

“Meaning of life – love invited for ever “ blood flow is equal to love flow . Love is the ingredients of life , Meaning of Life is  LOVE INVITED FOR EVER . Our Earth revolves around the Sun is only begging love from Sun and same case is with all planets in Solar system .

Om Shanti , blessed