In the race of life, in the attempt to overtake others, to have more than others, be wealthier, more powerful, people even compete about who has longer life.
The longevity of life somehow becomes a criteria to determine if a life has been more successful or failed.

No mention if the days were filled with laughter, if the joy from that life was spread for others to live better. Just the competition of more years becomes the yardstick.

Like at a funeral people determine if the person who passed away was successful just because he or she lived longer than others.
It would be ok to determine that about some relics, the older the more precious. But why would we judge a human like like that?

Such a lifeless way to look at life! Life should determined by the life in the years, not by the longevity of the duration.

I remember the dialogue from an old movie Anand, that is a landmark of good Hindi cinema. “Babu mushai, zindagi badhi honi chahiye, lambi nahin.” -My dear friend, life should be great, not long.

If you wish to see your life as a long and healthy one, make sure there is more life to those years, not only add years to that life.

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