Namaskar my friends,

Often we are told to behave well. We groom ourselves to look good. We knowingly become polite, soft spoken and well mannered. We even pass it on to our children as well. This is not the end, we even look forward for same virtues in people around us. In today’s world, this is how we are. But we ignore the true inner self and nurture the outer self, the presentation, that surrounds us.

If you read and watch different books and videos from Swami ji, you will realize that it is more important to introspect and turn inward. Bit by bit we have to clean ourselves from inside. Be a small activity like meditation, showing gratitude or any social welfare, you can slowly but consistently clean your consciousness. This will take a lot of time, but It will definitely bring a lot of good virtues inside you. It will eventually clean the virtues like anger, jealousy, hatred etc. and then slowly it will make way for love, compassion, empathy and so on. This in turn will change you from inside. This is a good thing and you don’t need to change yourself from outside. But it’s a slow process, you have to be patient and consistent for it. It will have positive effect on the way you think, less cluttered mind and definitely good decision making skills. The connection between heart and mind will restablish and you will be at peace.

I am no perfect person an I am definitely in no position to set an example. But I have seen the slow change and still continuing the path.

Be the change you want to see on others.

Hari om tat sat _/_

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