So here I was who would have won a Guinness book world championship on non blinking eyes and staring my dream boy who was no less than a Greek God of wax from madam Tussaud museum just a centimetre away, thank God we didn’t have covid that time so neither mask nor social distancing….he was looking at me casually as unconcerned and as coolly…

The first words from his pink hibiscus lips were…you spoilt my maths test preparations..i had a test yesterday but i kept thinking about who had talked to me …I didn’t remember if I saw any one at exam centre..

My heart which was an inflated gas balloon flying high high in the air suddenly got a prick and was fuuussssss….any way lovers never say die so ok we could build upon our phoolo kaa shehar right now, so i asked him lets go with my friends to nearest Golgappe waala and chuski waala who used to put a thela just outside our school. He was with his Sardaar jee colony friend in a black lml scooter and being a very dandy and sophisticated guy said…sorry but i don’t eat street food with unhygienic cleanliness. The one who has eaten Panipoori with bhaiya s ungloved hand only does know the pleasure it gives…the pleasure of Samadhi …the pleasure 0f being one with Golgappe waala bhiya…u feel complete. So Mr India who was now under red light was visible now and…Miss Mogambo was khush hueee. He said , I must leave as i have tuItion neither expressing excitement nor joy nor any hugging ,kissing ,hand holding or even waving…

I was in trans as i reached home and slept without having lunch telling my mom who had come till our flats boundary gate as i was half an our late that studying too hard had drained me..

Who knew who s eyes had i studied! I got up after an hour and on pretext of joint study ran to my earlier mentioned same colony friends house who had 1 phone and no parents present till 6 pm..

I dialled beloved’s number and he picked up the phone..

Kaisa lagaa milke jaan? Was my first question….

Your shoes were not shining , your top button of shirt was open, your skirts hemming was torn from one side and you looked like Rambo of Rocky 4! ….dream lover said. Should i cry for being addressed Silverstone stallin? Not Sharron Stone but Silverster stallin..
….further he said….I am in relationship with a very delicate , cute and graceful tuition mate who has just come back from New Zealand so i don’t want to keep u in dark…this relationship has no value…I almost burst into gangaa jamunaa baad at which he said…dont be emotive…be Practical!…
And he kept the phone. My heart had become keema kaleji and my self created love story was just one sided…..what will I do now, I was devastated…jab dil hee toot gaya..hum jeeke kyaa karenge!..

As i slowly walked out from the friends house as battered Rocky 4 my friEnds elder brother shouted my name from back…he used to see me often coming to his sister’S room but we had never talked! I turned back and he said….hum se tum dosti kar lo,ye hansee galti karlo

Did i cry or laugh…let’s wait for another post!