What is Moksha and why we aspire for it, is it the ultimate vision of enlightenment or we want to be part of the intellectuals. Do we even know why we want it, how does a person looks like or behaves like who has achieved it and how will we even know he is THE ACHIEVER OF MOKSHA. Are we running after some mirage or some pretentious state of mind or to be part of a rare group or feel the alliance with few people. I certainly don’t know what’s my take on it…. I don’t even know I want it because a thing about which I have no knowledge or information how can I desire it.

Oh! Yes!!! I have read a lot about it but it’s difficult to equate or relate to that mental state or words or even to those people who might have attained moksha. I wonder; they got it here or after their death –in that case how to know what they are saying in this life or aspiring to get after death actually happens or is available even to them. A thing I can’t visualize how can I aspire for it. In fact why? Even to yearn for it, how to be aware of the result—a positive outcome that too after death.

I read in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita where Bhagwan Shri Krishna tells Arjuna—you and me been through many janmas, about which I know but you don’t….which means Moksha isn’t mukti from birth-re-birth again and again; what!!!! even they didn’t get Moksha –if YES then why re-birth and if NO then why even think about it……

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