It was late that night and I was in bed ready to go to sleep when I felt this strong urge to paint. At first I tried to ignore the feeling but finally decided to get up and go to the room where my easel was standing. I looked at the blank canvas that I had covered with a layer of white paint, many days ago, to conceal whatever I had been attempting to create earlier. I picked a #2 flat brush and a tube of Prussian blue oil paint, put a big blob on my palette and started to paint. I had no image or idea, in my mind, of what I was going to paint. My right hand was moving on the canvas, adding the blue paint here and there, sometimes in thin layers, and sometimes in thick layers. This process went on for a while. Every time I would attempt to look at my work by moving the spotlight so that I could see what I had done so far, there was this glare that I could not get rid of no matter how I positioned the spotlight or the easel.
I thought this to be quite amusing and interesting. I realized that I was, for some reason, prevented from seeing what I was painting and that I just had to trust the process until it was done.
That is what I did and after some time I stopped painting, I was done. You know how it is when you know that if you add anything more it is going to be too much and you will regret it.
I did not dare look at the painting. I turned the lights off. By now it was quite late and really time to go back to bed.
The next morning, I got up, went straight to the other room to look at the painting and what I saw took my breath away. I could not believe that with only one brush and one color I could create such an “amazing” picture. Little did I know that what I thought was a masterpiece was in reality just a blueprint.
I loved my blueprint though, framed it and hang it on the wall to look at it.
Some fourteen years later, I showed my painting to a friend of mine who is also a professional painter and asked her opinion. She explained to me that my painting needed some more work, all I needed to do, she said, was to create contrasts in the landscape.
I knew she was right. When I finally summoned the courage to create the contrasts, my blueprint became the Moonlight painting.

Lesson to take: Trust your inner voice to show you the way and enjoy the journey, whatever your journey is. I read somewhere that the journey is the destination or was that the title of a movie?

I am only an instrument of Thy Will, a constant work in progress.
Dedicated to the Divine
The Essence  of it All.

Happy Birthday my Lord.