Nowadays, the most trending word is nepotism. All thanks to my favourite actor Kangana Ranaut for bringing that word out of the dictionary. But what surprises me is that only Bollywood industry is suffering due to that word. Everyone dislikes movies of star kids as if it is a grave sin to be born in an actor’s family.

I do understand that it is very difficult for a normal person to enter into Bollywood without significant contacts. But actors such as Rajkumar Rao, Kangana Ranaut, Ayushman Khurana and so on, have proved it otherwise. They are the ones who have no ‘star connections’, yet they have built a good reputation (name, fame and wealth) for themselves in the industry.

This was possible due to their hard work, persistence and determination. Isn’t it true that we all love movies of Alia Bhatt, Sharadha Kapoor, etc, because they are really awesome? Our reasons cannot be just based on the fact that they are star kids. They have worked equally hard to get wherever they are currently.

We cannot judge the careers of star kids due to nepotism. I was watching season 14 of Bigg Boss, where one of the contestants brought up the concept of nepotism. The host of the show, Salman Khan, gave the best answer to that person. If we are to consider nepotism, we cannot limit it only to Bollywood because nepotism is everywhere. In our everyday lives, we deal with nepotism in our offices and around our surroundings.

Also, if a doctor’s son or daughter can be a doctor, then an actor’s son or daughter can be an actor, too. They are what they are because they are doing their best at what they know.

My motive of writing this post is simple — Let us not judge the career of star kids very harshly by disliking their movies just because of one reason. They have built their reputation based on their own skills and hard work.

Nepotism is truly everywhere. Our parents may do many things for us but can it be called nepotism? Let’s be more mindful, more practical and more accepting in our approach. Let us appreciate the talent and good in all of us whenever we get a suitable opportunity.

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