I am your muladhara chakra (c as in Charles, please) and I got something to share with you. 

They say your foundation has to be strong to build upon it. Who is they? That I don’t know. It makes sense, though, right? If the base of anything is wobbly whatever you place on top of it will be precarious. 

Just like your physical body. How you stand on the lower part of it, particularly legs and feet can make the difference between feeling grounded, tall and sturdy like a cypress or unbalanced, a performer on a suspended rope.

I am your base, the structure of your home. The rest of you stands on me. Without me there can be no equilibrium in your life. Look at me as the bottom of a bamboo stick. Solid on the ground. The rest of you moving, adjusting, swaying with the rhythm of your existence. A sailboat navigating the storm of life with grace, hopefully. Where would you be though if you had no terra ferma to stand on? 

Do you remember the many times you took your body to other places, rather than your abode? When you finally reached your hotel room exhausted from all the stimuli you were exposed to and you collapsed on the bed, instead of unpacking your suitcase? That’s when I feel out of my element, the earth. That’s when I need you to pay attention to me, to move the physical part of you, to walk out in nature and stay there a bit. How often do you do that, though? Are you spending most of your day cooped up inside, in front of the computer, sitting on a chair not taking care of your primordial need, the root of who you are? 

Your survival depends on me and so does your physical security. Let me remind you of the words that accompany me, I live. I have.

Ask yourself, where am I most of the time? In my head playing imaginary movies that are never going to happen? Or do you live grounded on the piece of land your body occupies while remaining open to grace, to possibilities, and to the infinite love the Divine has for you?

And what do you really have? Have you ever pondered upon this? You say I have a job, I have a home, maybe a car, a husband, wife, children, a pet. Do you really own any of these, though? Do you realize that anything can be taken from you at any moment for no reason at all? Just because it can. Because there is very little you are in control of. 

Your physical body, that you have control of. Well, partially. The way you feed it, the number of hours you give it rest, where you take it, what you do with it, in whose company.

Are you sleep-walking through life or are you aware of all these? How do you take care of your basic needs? How much do you love yourself? 

This is my recommendation to you,

make your home a place you want to go back to. Invite guests that root for you and have your best interest at heart. Speak to it as if planting flowers. Nourish it with care, like a mama elephant feeding her calf. And remember you can love others only to the degree that you love yourself. 

Thanks for reading ❤️