In 1986 On my Grand father s 16th march when i was just a 10.6 year old ,i gave him a pocket transistor as a gift from my saved pocket money for his fondness of News and old melodies! As we pulled up the long antena and adjusted the disc shaped volume and station buttons for aakashwani at 3pm ,it was time for English news and in excitement and as his celebration i heard the whole news with him.The news was about a Criminal Charles Sobhraj who was an internationally most sorted drug peddlar who first convinced then looted and then killed his victims live.The news was quiet scary for me but it became Scariest when i heard ,he had run away from Tihar jail in broad day light with 13 others cheating the guards, santerties and Sunday skeletal staff by offering them sweet meats drugged with sedatives. Since tihar jail was just 4 kms from our house all Bolywood played in my mind and from 4pm till i slept at 11pm i suspected Charles sobhraj from hiding under our bed( so i peeped down
the bed every half an hour),or behind our bathroom door or maybe on top of our attic or inside our fridge or maybe in-between our stair case! He ll be having a big murder knife and threaten us to hide him or he ll chop of each of my finger one by one! I was turning pale with each thought and din t even go to play that day or eat properly! I also secret ly planned to inform police as soon as i saw his shadow under the cement mumty under our window and get as a reward 20% of his booty ! Among all these thoughts i slept, next morning to be wigrously being woken up by mom to catch bus for attending school! Have you ever been scared like this? Do share your anxiety as a kid too.