This was not my first bicycle but still my first bicycle that we purchased. 

After passing class 9th exams, I went to my Nani’s house in summer vacation. Where my cousin bought a new bicycle and now his old bicycle was kept in store room. 

Although at that time I didn’t know riding bicycle.

But the bicycle was small and I could easily keep my feet down on land. So I used to try riding his bicycle without fear of falling from it.

It was the first time in my life when I was on bicycle, so it was very very immeasurable pleasure for me. 

For the whole day, I used to practice riding bicycle alone. 

In 3-4 days I learnt and now I could ride without touching feet on bottom. 

When I was going from my Nani’s home to my home, I started crying for that bicycle. 

I knew my father will never bring me a new bicycle so I continuously cry to take that bicycle. 

My Nani gave me that bicycle and I brought home it. 

As it was my first bicycle, I enjoyed very much riding it. 

But after riding couple of months, I realized the bicycle was too small even for me.

Other kids used to make fun for my small bicycle. Somehow I passed class 10 riding this small bicycle. 

Now in the next vacation, I started demanding new bicycle from my parents. 

My father’s initial reaction was very bad. 

“Ek ha to sahi aur kitni chahiye”

But I was going to be adamant this time. I requested my mother to purchase the bicycle. 

She insisted on my father but it was not going to be that easy. 

So I took a firm decision, I went on a hunger strike at my home. 

I didn’t eat anything till evening. In evening my father finally has to gave up and took me to bring this bicycle. 

I remember it was of 2750 ₹. Out of the amount I gave around 1100 ₹ to my father from my pocket money. 

Funnily, my all money was in the form of 1 ₹, 2 ₹ and 5 ₹.

This was how I bought my first bicycle.

I studied from a Hindi Government school. 

So we had to rely only on tuitions for study. 

So I had 3 tuitions in class 11 and class 12, physics, chemistry and mathematics. 

I used to take the bicycle for going tuitions, as the distance was fairly good. 

At that time, I demanded the bicycle only for fun but now it was more for utilization purpose. 

When I was in B.Tech and used to come home in holidays, I don’t used to ride bicycle, because I thought it’s below per my status. 

And seeing me on the bicycle, people will not treat me well. 

In B.Tech third year, I demanded for a scooty but that never fulfilled. 

Now, I have again started using this bicycle.

It’s again pleasurable for me. 

Whenever I have some work at distant place, I use this bicycle. 

Now, I’ve realized, the people who respect me for car and disrespect me for bicycle, I must not care about them. 🙂

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